Six Powerful Reasons Why Omega-3 Will Improve Your Overall Health And Mind

It is so mind blowing in a world that looks for every competitive edge possible that 98% of Americans do not use the most powerful edge of all, nutrition.  Our mind and body are our vehicle for success and we continue to fill it at the pump daily with processed gas (food).  So what are we going to do?  Well, the obesity rates in America are increasing at an all-time high daily, but there is one … [Read more...]

The Power of Sleep

With the spring and swimsuit season quickly approaching, we are receiving many questions on weight loss and tightening up those bodies. The topic of weight loss is a very simple one, but unfortunately many over complicate the process which leads most to failure. To begin, YES, the swimsuit season is quickly approaching and to get your best results we must set some serious goals and make a plan. … [Read more...]

Be A Soldier

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend with your family and friends. I am sure many of you have a love one who are serving or have served this great nation. The sacrifice and mental toughness these men and women display is off the charts. Remember to honor them as you enjoy a great day smiling and laughing because without there sacrifice our freedom would not … [Read more...]

Living In Fear For Greatness

Take a moment and remember what it feels like when you had to speak in front of an audience, the first day at a new job or even the first date with someone you may like. Are you starting to feel that feeling, the feeling of the unknown? A little scary and nerve racking, right.  I live there and so should you!  What I mean by that is, if you don't have the anxiety of the unknown you are not … [Read more...]

5 ABsolutes To Eliminate Your Muffin Top For Spring!

Hey, did you hear about that new diet called .… Oh man I forget what it is called but you eat only protein and they allowed you to have one big chocolate chip cookie a day. Yeah .… they say you lose 10 pounds in a week! Really .… protein and a cookie? Yes, but you are only allowed to eat about 800 calories a day. WOW, you know anyone who is doing it? Yes, Susie did it about three months … [Read more...]

A Seat On A Plane

WOW, what another awesome week here at Inspirational Life . The energy was sky high all week long. Our theme for 2012 is consistency and that’s exactly what many of you are doing. Our Perfect 10 Club for February was filled with names that will be given a gift this week for their achievement. The #1 key to achieving a goal is to be super consistent, so congrats for that. As you all know, we are … [Read more...]


So what magic pill do you use? Everywhere you go someone is telling you what will get you in the best shape of your life or if you eat this, it will help you lose an extra pound a day. So you must have one, they are everywhere. I know that I can't get through a day without hearing of something that will make me lose weight or increase my muscle mass. I am sure you have one that changed your … [Read more...]


The best gift you can give to your loved ones for 2012 is a vibrant, energetic you. As you know, we at Inspirational Life are having our Holiday point contest. This is to motivate all of  our clients to make sure they find time and stay consistent on their fitness during the holiday season.  So come on in and start collecting your points! Whenever you study anyone who accomplished greatness, one … [Read more...]