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Brian Hoover

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Brian Hoover

As the owner of Inspirational Life in Sparta, NJ I wanted to tell you about myself and why I chose to create Inspirational Life.  Throughout high school I lettered in four Varsity sports. Athletics came very easy to me and I was able to achieve success as a student athlete. Through my college years, working and going to school were my priorities in order to make ends meet.  My lifestyle was quick fixed meals and a lot of stress.  I was always in great shape and figured that my body and lethargy would easily be fixed.  I was wrong.

The winter time throughout football season I would easily gain twenty pounds just by overeating and sitting around watching football.  Alcohol to me was never a problem, I was never a big drinker and as of today I do not drink alcohol at all.  All my weight and bloated feelings were strictly related to excess calories.

The birth of my children throughout the past seven years changed my outlook on life.  I want to be a positive role model for my children.  I began to study nutrition and focus on the positive impact it has on a person’s life.  I am filled with energy and now know nutrition is the number one aspect in creating the physique that a person strives for.

The goal of Inspirational Life is to create a positive mindset that will allow individuals to reach their physical, mental and emotional goals.  Whether your goal is fat loss, muscle gain, or athletic improvements, through specific training techniques, workouts, routines, and an emphasis on proper nutrition, I will ensure your success in reaching each individual goal.  This is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle.  I am living proof of this.