Inspirational Life – Sparta, NJ

At Inspirational Life, we know how difficult finding an effective workout regimen can be. If you are serious about getting results and reclaiming your health and energy, then you have found the right facility for you! Come take advantage of our FREE TRIAL WEEK (7 consecutive days)!

Also, regarding parking, during our morning classes please do not park in the spaces directly in front of Eric’s Deli, Ashley’s Paint, Ella’s Hair Salon (she schedules appointments during off hours) or the reserved parking spaces for the dentist and Ella’s Hair Salon. Also, please do not park behind the barber shop, Eric’s Deli/Ashley’s paint store building as they receive deliveries through those doors and do not want any damage our member’s cars. We thank you for your cooperation.

You may reserve a spot 72 hours prior to class. If you schedule a reservation and do not show up to class, or if you login to cancel less than 6 hours prior to class, there will be a $10 cancellation fee.