Six Powerful Reasons Why Omega-3 Will Improve Your Overall Health And Mind

It is so mind blowing in a world that looks for every competitive edge possible that 98% of Americans do not use the most powerful edge of all, nutrition.  Our mind and body are our vehicle for success and we continue to fill it at the pump daily with processed gas (food).  So what are we going to do?  Well, the obesity rates in America are increasing at an all-time high daily, but there is one thing you can do today.




Weight Loss A study in 2010 published by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that fish oil supplementation increases lean mass and reduces fat mass. 


Improve Brain Health The human brain consists of 60% fats, which half of it is DHA omega-3.  Lack of DHA is linked to depression, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, moods and Alzheimer’s.  Adding omega 3’s daily to your nutrition will also improve your memory and focus.


Man eating burger & cokeReduce Inflammation Omega-3’s deliver high anti-inflammatory assets to your body.  The average American diet consists of anywhere between 15 to 25 times more omega-6 than omega-3.  Omega-6 increases inflammation in our bodies while omega-3 reduces inflammation.  You can see why it is important to take an omega-3 supplement daily as this will balance out your levels.




Protect The Heart Omega-3 is rich in DHA and EPA and studies show it has prevented strokes.


Improve Cholesterol Simply taking an Omega-3 supplement daily will decrease your LDL (bad cholesterol) and increase your HDL (good cholesterol).


Empower your kids Studies have shown that Omega-3’s has increased the energy and nutrients in your child’s body to enhanceKids walking better physical and mental growth. It also creates a foundation for building the brain, developing the nervous system and increased attention spans.





Adding Omega-3’s to your daily morning habits will create a vibrant, happy, healthy, and nutritious family!

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