Kim Ryan


What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

A few years ago I noticed my body changing from getting older and being less active.  Feeling lazy and annoyed with my inconsistent good habits, I didn’t want to continue to age this way.  I wanted to feel healthier and be stronger.   I first recommended Inspirational Life to a friend based on good things I had heard and then decided I should listen to my own advice.

How did Inspirational help you achieve your goal and how have the results affected your life?

Inspirational Life has been perfect for me.  Brian and Cathie are very inspiring with their own laser focus and belief in each of us.  They are constantly challenging me in and outside the gym and I’ve become the strongest I’ve been.  The super early AM classes they offer make it so that my time at the gym doesn’t take away from my time with my family.  Until I participated in the No Sugar Challenge, I thought I was a healthy eater.  The challenge was truly an eye opener to how much better my nutrition could be.

I love knowing how much stronger still I am capable of becoming, how the discipline of my actions have carried over into other aspects of my life and how much better I consistently feel.  My husband and boys have each made conscience lifestyle changes as a result of my actions as well.

Describe Inspirational in one word.


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