Alli Johnsen

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

A friend of mine asked me to join her group for a weight loss contest at Inspirational Life. I have always worked out with DVDs at home, but was never consistent.  I knew I wanted to work out again, get stronger, and lose a few pounds, but I had never been to a gym before. I was so nervous, but my friend told me Inspirational Life was different, and encouraged me to give it a try. When I first walked in the door, and saw all these people working out, the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy! But Cathie and Brian were so welcoming, friendly, and encouraging, it made it easier to get started.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal?
Inspirational Life helped me to achieve my goals by giving me the tools and information I needed. The workouts are fun, challenging, and different, so that kept me motivated to come back. I could see myself getting stronger, and was doing things I never thought I would or could do- such as pushing over 100 lbs. across the floor. Cathie is always pushing me to work harder and challenge myself. Both she and Brian believe in their clients, and want to see us succeed. They are always willing to answer any questions about fitness and nutrition.  That was the key for me back when I first lost those few pounds – proper nutrition and portion control. It was very eye opening when I started to look at what I ate and how much.

How have the results affected your life?
Inspirational Life has helped me to gain confidence. I can do things now that I couldn’t when I first started, such as using heavier weights or doing a pike in TRX class. I am consistent with working out now, and I still enjoy it because it is always different. I try to make better choices for myself and my family with nutrition. I still struggle with that, but I have accountability with Inspire, which is helpful. I love the Inspire family and am grateful for the friendships I have made there.

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.

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