A Seat On A Plane

WOW, what another awesome week here at Inspirational Life . The energy was sky high all week long. Our theme for 2012 is consistency and that’s exactly what many of you are doing. Our Perfect 10 Club for February was filled with names that will be given a gift this week for their achievement. The #1 key to achieving a goal is to be super consistent, so congrats for that. As you all know, we are not a commercial gym that’s sole goal is to collect memberships. Our mission is to help our clients achieve the life that they dream about through nutrition and fitness. “To Become What You Are”.

This past week I received a phone call from a young man. This past summer I had the privilege to meet and given the opportunity to train an outstanding 14 year old boy named Eddie Lehr. Many of you know him, as he has taken our boot camps and TRX classes. Between those classes, Eddie and I have been working to get him stronger through many one on one sessions and nutritional talks. The first day I met Eddie I realized that he was special. He is a goal oriented person that has a vision to achieve great things in his life. Eddie is highly talented and intelligent as his high school of choice was Blair Academy, which he attends as a freshman. This spring he will be playing baseball for the Buccaneers. During our workouts we always talk visions and goals and he indicated very early he had one goal for this spring. We outlined what he needed to do. From that day Eddie worked consistently toward his goal. His goal was to have a seat on a plane headed to Florida. A plane to Florida? YES! See that plane will be filled with the Blair Academy Varsity baseball team flying to Florida for nine days to start their season. If Eddie has a seat, that means he will be part of the Varsity squad and would have achieved his goal.

This past Tuesday night after my TRX class, I had a message on my phone. I anxiously returned the call knowing what it was about. Lora, Eddie’s mom (you would know her from our 9:15am boot camp class) answered and quickly handed the phone to him. As soon as I heard his voice, I knew he accomplished his goal and had his seat. I told him how proud his family and I are of him as we spoke for about 20 minutes. I never heard him speak so fast as he was filled with excitement and accomplishment. Dreams and goals are achieved by doing things that others do not want to do. Our society sees accomplishments and greatness as luck. They do not see when the lights are out who is doing the little things that makes you different. Eddie’s journey has only begun, he has greatness in his future and I am so blessed to be a small part his journey.

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