The best gift you can give to your loved ones for 2012 is a vibrant, energetic you.

As you know, we at Inspirational Life are having our Holiday point contest. This is to motivate all of  our clients to make sure they find time and stay consistent on their fitness during the holiday season.  So come on in and start collecting your points!

Whenever you study anyone who accomplished greatness, one of their most important characteristic is CONSISTENCY. It maybe the most important characteristic that separates all of us. Unfortunately, we have turned into a instant gratification society. As an Inspired client, you don’t fall under that instant society. You are part of inspired people who are focused daily on their fitness.

Why consistency? If we had a conversation this time last year and I asked you …. can you lose just one pound a week? I am sure you would have said of course! Well today, I would be looking at a 52 pound lighter you. That’s the power of CONSISTENCY!

Consistency extends in all you do. Anything that you want to be good at you must stay consistent. Are you looking to get a promotion at work?  Do you want to be a great parent?  For example, do you think that would be accomplished by being that a couple days a week or doing it for a week and taking a week off?  Of course not!

Our definition at Inspire of CONSISTENCY is Small Gains Overtime Equals Amazing Results.

As 2012 is approaching, make consistency a major goal.  It will change your life dramatically!

Eat Right… Train Hard… Live Inspired!!!

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