So what magic pill do you use? Everywhere you go someone is telling you what will get you in the best shape of your life or if you eat this, it will help you lose an extra pound a day. So you must have one, they are everywhere. I know that I can’t get through a day without hearing of something that will make me lose weight or increase my muscle mass. I am sure you have one that changed your life with little discipline, sacrifice or effort. Isn’t that what the magazines, infomercials and everyone pushing their product tell you?

If this is the case, then why does the obesity rate continue to rise? If all these crazy diets and products work so well, then why don’t you lose any weight or if you did, why is it back on?

The word DIET has the word die in it and that’s exactly what it is doing to our society. We must stop falling for all this marketing schemes and start eating real, healthy, nutritious foods that we were put on this earth to fuel our body. We need to change our mindset …. we shouldn’t be thinking let’s live to eat, it should be eat to live.

I want you to take a moment and write down all the pills, supplements, DVDs and cardio machines you bought. I bet those pills and supplements are still sitting on a shelf in your kitchen, those DVDs are collecting dust, and that cardio machine is an expensive clothes hanger. Now where did that get you? Plus, think about all that wasted money.

My advice to you is to save your money and use it to hire a professional trainer or nutritionist and start eating nutritious foods and living healthy with discipline and clarity. I guarantee you will feel amazing and it will last a lifetime. It’s My Magic Pill.

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