Be A Soldier

Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone is having a fun and safe weekend with your family and friends. I am sure many of you have a love one who are serving or have served this great nation. The sacrifice and mental toughness these men and women display is off the charts. Remember to honor them as you enjoy a great day smiling and laughing because without there sacrifice our freedom would not be.

Memorial Day has always reminded me of mental toughness. I could not imagine what kind of mental toughness it would take to go to battle.

Like our heroes, we must show mental toughness in our daily life. It will be a time in life that you will be hit with a issue. So what will you do? There are only two choices. Quit or get tough. Are you quitting? Or are you going to focus, dig deep within and persevere. These moments separate the achievers, from the non-achievers.

Would or did our military heroes quit? Of course not and you won’t either. The secret is exactly what each military soldier has. They surround themselves with the best and like minded teammates. When you want to achieve greatness you must surround yourself with a team of people who have positive minds and common goals. You are your environment, period.

Can you imagine how great our military would be if each soldier could do what they want. No, Sergant, I am not working out today. Make my bed and clean the barracks, No Way! Instead of following the team, I think I will go on this side of the mountain.

Wow, crazy right. Well, real everyday life works the same. So next time you establish a goal, surround yourself with the best. Be super disciplined, get your mind right, listen and learn from others who have done what you want. The best are willing to help if you display the willingness to do whatever it takes.

This week do something that you never thought you can or would do. Step out and achieve something special, you deserve it!!

Be a Soldier this week.

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