Tom Grobleski

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

Two years before joining Inspirational Life my life changed from the daily routine I always knew, working full time in a large advertising agency. I took on the opportunity to start my own advertising business working from home. Over those two years I created habits and routines that worked for me in this new work from home environment, but they weren’t the best for my health. Over those two years I was working out and running on my own at home and I still kept gaining weight. I was always tired and on edge all the time, I needed a change. I thank my wife Susan for suggesting I try Inspire.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal?

The first thing Inspirational Life gave me was a new routine to start my day instead of just working out here and there when I felt like it, I had scheduled times which really worked for me. At first I struggled to lose weight because as the sign says “you will never out train bad nutrition”, Inspire helped me realize nutrition matters! Inspire helped me understand nutrition, calories and portion control. Inspire helped me realize you can change and create new habits to your benefit. Lastly the atmosphere at Inspire is a positive atmosphere that I want to be a part of, you feel like you have the support you need.

How have the results affected your life?

The results have been great, I feel better, I sleep better, I have more energy and most of all a new sense of confidence. This confidence has positively affected both my family life and professional life. I have a sense of achievement that has opened up endless possibilities.

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.


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