Susan Dolan

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?
I wanted to lose a few pounds. I joined Weight Watchers a few years back which helped me to learn how to make healthier food choices.  Even with that knowledge, the scale has gone up and down over the years.  I was striving to have more balance in my life so I joined Inspirational Life in May 2012.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal and how have the results affected your life?
Inspirational Life has encouraged me to stay focused with nutrition and exercise.  Cathie’s Accountability Fridays and Brian’s daily emails have really helped me to wrap my brain around what needs to be done in order to reach my fitness goals.  Like everyone else, I wanted to see immediate results which of course doesn’t happen.  Little by little with constant effort and a lot of hard work, I’ve finally begun to see some changes.  The phrase “you will never out train poor nutrition” sticks in my mind daily.  I didn’t grasp that fact beforehand.

The discipline that Cathie and Brian have taught me has impacted the rest of my life as well. They’ve taught me that in order to reach any goal, you have to change your mindset first.  Regardless of what happens, there’s always a way around.  Whatever the problem is, whether it’s an injury or some other difficulty in life, I can never give up.  Look for a different solution and keep trying until I find something that works. Even though everything else is out of my control, consistency with nutrition and exercising is not. It doesn’t matter if I’m tired or busy, I have to make time for what’s important.  I have 3 kids and sometimes it’s a struggle to make time for myself.  I always felt that it was selfish to put myself first, but in reality what I’m putting first, is my health. If I become ill, my kids will suffer because of it.  Without my health, nothing else really matters.  I’ve finally been able to answer the question that Brian’s been asking for months which is my “why”.

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.

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