Sharon Scimeca

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

I have always been athletic during my life, ate pretty healthy and was able to keep myself at a healthy and happy weight. However, after the birth of my daughter and with getting older, it became harder to find the time to work out, stay as active as I wanted and eat healthy. Thus, leading to weight gain, low energy and quite simply unhappiness. I found myself in a ‘rut’ and wanted out! My clothes didn’t fit the way I wanted and I didn’t feel the way I wanted. I had to do something! My husband pushed me to find something that fit with our busy schedules/life. After doing research and knowing a few people that were already members of Inspirational Life, I decided to try it out.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal and how have the results affected your life?

Inspire is FUN! Not only is it fun, Cathie & Brian are so welcoming, understanding, caring and will push you when you need it! I always get the feeling that they TRULY CARE about your situation and your results. They use the term Inspire FAMILY for a reason! You truly feel like you are part of a family. I have worked out at other fitness centers and tried a few weight loss programs. I find the difference between those and Inspire is the one-on-one contact. Brian & Cathie offer so much one-on-one support. Between the Accountability Friday weigh-ins, side conversations during class, text messages and emails asking for advice, I truly feel Brian & Cathie put in such an effort to know each and every member of the Inspire Family. Between the attention to detail, inspiring and motivational emails and fun workouts how can I not achieve or work towards my goal? Believe it or not, my 40-45 minutes at Boot Camp, three times a week, is my sanity check! It’s my time to zone out and focus on me and only me. I love it!!

All for the better!!! Overall, I feel better, look better and eat better! I am more committed to working out and taking care of myself. Inspire is the first program in which I actually worked out ALL winter. I may have missed a class here and there, but I remained committed. Actually, although I did stay committed I did also see a weight gain. This only motivated me more. It helped me realize how making the wrong nutritional choices would affect all of the hard work I had been doing. This small set back over the winter actually helped motivate me and propel me into working harder toward my goal.

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.

Awareness!!! The impact on my life has made me so much more aware! I think this has to do with the great results I had and then the minor setback I saw over the Winter months. I am aware of how I much better I feel and the confidence I have gained. I am aware of how I feel when I eat right and how I feel when I don’t!__I am more aware of when my clothes fit and when they become a tad too snug. I am more aware of the consequences of not being healthy and taking care of myself as I age. I am more aware of what I feed my family! I am just so much more aware of everything thanks to the simple habits I have formed and learned from being an Inspirational Life Family Member.

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