Noreen Kilduff Before and After

Noreen Kilduff Before and After

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

I was tired of being tired!  I didn’t have energy and moving up 4 sizes depressed me. It was on a vacation with a friend, who suggested that we take walks each morning, that I discovered that I liked how even just this small bit of exercise made me feel.  I craved more, but given my slacker sit-on-my-bottom-and-wait-for-just-the-right-time-maybe-later attitude, my true dedication to my transformation didn’t happen until almost a year later …. with a New Year’s resolution!

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal and how have the results affected your life?

Inspirational Life was exactly what I needed. Walking on a treadmill may have been the start of my journey, but it didn’t take off until I met Brian and Cathie. With their help, I have found that my goals didn’t need to stop at just weight-loss; this was just the beginning! They gave me the tools to reach for much more…proper nutrition to sustain a healthy body, consistency so that I would never fall back into my old “slacker” ways, and a renewed spirit of who I am and how I can become even better every day. At age 44, I have been reinvented!

Today I have more energy, strength, and an enthusiasm for life that is hard to match. I have maintained my weight loss and attained other goals including increased overall toning and better flexibility.  I have also met some of the most, well…INSPIRING people at Inspirational Life who share my values and keep me going at every gym workout. Oh, and that person who started it all by getting me walking on that vacation …. she’s now working out at Inspire too …. go team Noreen!

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