Mary Decker

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What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?
I received a hip replacement and after completing physical therapy, my therapist suggested I join a gym to continue progression on rehabititation. My sister, Pat, went to Inspirational Life and she encouraged me to go. I joined reluctantly since I knew the only way I would go was if I met her there.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal?
Because I had hip issues, I had not done any exercise in years and had issues just walking without pain. I walked into inspire feeling totally overwhelmed but was met with great encouragement that I was not out of place. I kept repeating to myself just make yourself 1% better and not expect overnight miracles. Over time I started coming by myself and started doing Spin-X classes. After the first class, I was overwhelmed but was again encouraged and supported not to give up.

How have the results affected your life?
Since I joined Inspirational Life, I feel 1000% better. Before I had to take advil before any long walks which is no longer necessary. The everyday things such as walking, bending, getting up off the floor and putting on socks were painful. I can do all these things with relative ease. At my most recent Doctors appointment, I was down 20 pounds, and my doctor said it is time to look into reducing some of the my medications and that whatever I am doing to keep it up. I no longer have to talk myself into coming adn I even enjoy Spin-X! None of this would have happened without the support and encouragement from Brian and Cathie.

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.

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