Kathleen Simpson

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

Years ago I suffered a back injury that herniated several discs in my back. I was in a lot of pain and became less active as a result and started to put on excess weight. Years later, I found out I have rheumatoid arthritis which brought with it stiffness and more joint pain. I began taking several medications to help deal with this pain and degenerative condition. While they brought me relief, I did not like being dependent on so many medications. Last spring, when my rheumatologist recommended that I take yet another pill to help fight the long-term side effects of a drug I was taking, something in me just snapped and I thought ‘Nope, I’m not doing this…I will not be on all of these meds my entire life’ and I decided I needed to make a change in my life. I saw the fitness challenge posted and asked a few friends if they’d like to do it with me. I figured it was easy to let myself down, but if I were part of a team, I’d have a harder time not fulfilling my commitment to the team to go to the gym.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal?

Inspirational Life helped me to achieve my goal by giving me the motivation I needed to continue to come to classes. Sometimes I don’t feel like going but I know if I can just get myself there, Brian and Cathie will motivate me when I get there. Becoming more active has alleviated a lot of the discomfort I had as a result of my arthritis. Inspirational Life has become my new medication.

How have the results affected your life?

I sleep better, I have more energy, but most of all, my joints feel less stiff and achy on a daily basis. Losing weight puts less pressure on my joints so that has definitely contributed to my feeling better. I will always need to be on some medications for my RA, but it feels great knowing that I’m taking the bare minimum I need to take to preserve my joints.

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.

Unique because it’s like no other gym I’ve ever been to!

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