Kathi Gallichio Before and After

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

As I turned 55 I was resigned to the fact that there were things I could no longer control.  I prepared to accept that menopause was slowing my metabolism and that I would live my middle years being a size 14, over weight and not really liking what I saw in the mirror.  Then I got a text – “Want to join a weight loss challenge?” Without giving it more than 2 seconds thought, I said; “Sure why not.”    It was that moment that I decided to transform my life and with the help of Brian and Cathie, and the Inspirational Life program, I now know I “can” be in control.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal and how have the results affected your life?

Brian and Cathie have instilled in me the importance of putting the right things in my body, setting goals, staying focused and working out to stay strong.   They push me each and every class and have taught me “no excuses.”   I love the “one on one” attention you get.  This special attention, and their caring attitude, is what makes Inspire so different from other programs I have tried.   I even enjoy coming to boot camp at 5:15 a.m.… it is the only way I want to start my day!

I feel stronger than I have in my entire life both mentally and physically.  I like what I see in the mirror and shopping for new clothes is fun and not a chore.  I recently had blood work done and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels have never been this good!  I feel strong, vibrant and 55!!!

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.



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