Gayle Biggs

What inspired you to begin your lifestyle transformation?

I only joined Inspirational Life in May 2013 because my daughters needed another person for their team for a biggest loser contest. I was 64 yrs old, at my highest weight of 225 lbs, hated exercise, and figured I could fail at another attempt to lose weight.   From the first day we joined, I could tell this was place was unlike anything I had ever experienced.

How did Inspirational Life help you achieve your goal and how have the results affected your life?

At Inspirational, I never felt like this old, overweight grandma did not belong! Brian and Cathie are so enthusiastic, passionate, and caring! They always modified any exercise I was unable to do. Brians e-mails are always encouraging, and full of nutritional information. The other members are so supportive, and friendly. It is like a happy family! The boot camps are never boring and always challenging!

Slowly, like the tortoise I made small changes, before I knew it, I was off processed foods, sugar, diet soda and coffee. In May 2014, I signed the 30 lb weight loss wall! I could not believe I had actually lost weight! Like a tortoise, I just kept slowly making changes and looking at that 40 lb wall, which I signed last fall! I am almost at the 50 lbs wall! The first time I noticed I was different, was when I had to run after my 2 year old grandson onto a soccer field! I just stopped and thought, WOW …. I ran! I smile all the time, am happy with myself, and feel physically strong!

Inspirational Life  has become a family affair since my daughters and son-in-law attend.  A family who never exercised is now bringing resistance bands on our family vacation!  Our daily texts include “What was the routine?  Were there gate swings?  How many times around?”, etc.  My grandkids have become aware of the importance of nutrition and exercise and I am hopeful this will stay with them for life.  Brian and Cathie have had a 100% positive change on me and my family.

Describe Inspirational Life in one word.


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