Cook’s Essential BBQ Grill Pan

Grilling season is upon us! Kathi Gallichio was kind enough to share a neat grilling pan she purchased on QVC.  It is a BBQ grill pan made by Cook’s Essentials.  It has two separate sections and there are different grill plates that you can change depending on what you are grilling.

Here are some ideas that you can use instead of throwing hot dogs on that grill!

The top picture is kabobs and bok choy on the left side and mixed veggies on the right side.  The bottom picture is a veggie assortment on one side and sweet potatoes on the other side.

Remember, eating for health and eating for fat loss are two different things.  We eat for health to feed our bodies the nutrients and vitamins we need for survival and to stay as healthy as possible.  However, eating for fat loss requires a reduction of portion sizes and eating LESS OVERALL CALORIES.


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