New Year, New You Contest!


 CONTEST RUNS JANUARY 15th – February 23rd!






Any contest participant who has never taken our boot camp class is welcome to start their free week of fitness boot camp on Monday, January 8th.

All fitness levels, shapes and sizes are welcome …. all we ask is that you have the hunger to get better!

  • Non-members receive 3 classes per week. Non-members must sign up for all classes using our online scheduling system.

 Download the registration forms and bring them with you to registration on January 10th – 13th.  Payment can made via check or cash.


If you would like to pre-register, you may drop off your registration forms and payment while we are open during our class times.






This is a 2 person team contest.  

$175 Non-members/$50 Members (entry fee waived for members who create a team with a non-member). Non-members receive 3 classes per week.

All Participants Receive:

  • Meal plan outline
  • Nutritional emails
  • Recipes
  • Daily motivational emails
  • Guaranteed to laugh

Initial Weigh-ins and Registration are as follows:


Wednesday 1/10 6:00am – 9:45 am and 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Thursday 1/11  8:00am – 9:00am

Friday 1/12 6:00am – 9:45 am and 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Saturday 1/13  6:30am – 9:00am


FINALS WEIGH-INS WILL BE THE LAST CLASS THAT YOU ATTEND PRIOR TO February 23rd.  For example, if your last class that you attend is Wednesday (2/21) at 6:00pm, then your final weigh-in will be then.




Rules and Regulations:

  • Grand Prize – $1,000 to the team of 2 with the highest percentage of body weight loss ($500 per person).
  • All contestants must complete a registration and liability form.
  • A team may consist of 2 non-members OR 1 member and 1 non-member OR 2 members (no obligation to join a membership at Inspirational Life).
  • Non-members must sign up for classes using our online scheduling system. Please review our schedule HERE. 
  • Any person with a valid punch card is considered a member for the contest. His/her punch card will still be punched each day they attend a class.
  • For any participant to qualify to win prizes, each participant MUST attend at least twelve (12) classes during the six weeks of the contest. If both team members have not attended a total of 12 classes during the six weeks of the contest, then the next team with highest bodyweight percentage will be the chosen and both team members must have attended a total of 12 classes during the six weeks of the challenge.
  • It is not required for all team members to attend the same classes.
  • Non-members are allowed to attend a maximum of one (1) class per day.
  • No refunds will be issued after registration fee is paid. Payment is via check or cash.
  • Regardless of how many teams register, the grand prize is still $1,000 for the winning team ($500 per person).
  • The team that loses the greatest percentage their combined body weight wins the grand prize.
  • The beginning weigh-in will be January 10th – January 13th. The final weigh-ins must be done by February 23rd by 6:00pm on the scale at Inspirational Life. Pictures of yourself standing on any other scale are not acceptable. (NO final weigh-ins after February 23rd at 6:00pm). You may weigh in early for the final weigh-in.
  • Non-members can begin attending class on January 15th (the official start date of the contest). Non-members are limited to 3 classes per week and must sign up online using our scheduling system.
  • Mandatory final weigh-in by February 23rd by 6:00pm by all participants on the scale at Inspirational Life or the participant and team will be disqualified.
  • You may weigh-in early for the final weigh-in, but you may not weigh in late.
  • All classes must be completed by the end of the contest on February 23rd. Makeup classes are not allowed after February 23rd.
  • We do not encourage or condone liquid or starvation diets by any participants.
  • There is a 12 team minimum. If the 12 team minimum is not met, registration fees will be refunded.
  • For anyone who has won any of our challenges within the last 12 months (365 days), your beginning weight for this challenge can not be 20 lbs more than your ending weight of the challenge you won. If anyone does weigh 20 lbs more than their ending weight, then that will become your beginning weight for this challenge. For example, if you ended a challenge you won with us at 165 lbs but currently weigh 195 lbs, then your beginning weight for this challenge will be 185 lbs. So if you won our challenge that ended on February 22nd, the 365 day period is from that date.
  • Gift cards may not be used toward contest entry fee.