My Promise






The weight loss and accountability community that is changing America’s health!

“Every Choice you decide to make has an end result”

It’s time to listen to your heart and join the My Promise family. When you quiet your world and listen to your heart you always make the right choice!

“I was tired of being unhealthy and fat! I just couldn’t look in the mirror another day disappointed in the person I became.”

So on March 16th 2004, I made a handshake promise.

It was with my dad and best friend who was lying peacefully in a coma as his courageous fight with cancer was coming to an end. As I sat bedside filled with emotion apologizing for walking away from our dreams and confessing that I never fulfilled my potential he saw, I made a life promise to him.

My Promise… to never live another day NOT seeking my life’s purpose and potential.

So where does a 238 pound 30 something deconditioned, insecure, zero confident guy go to fulfill a promise that he can never break?

The only place on planet earth that truly understands ME, MY HEART!

That’s where my journey started… I silenced the world around me to listen to my heart for the opportunity to discover my purpose and the ability to reprogram my mind which eventually lead me to the life I always wanted, desired and dreamed of.

Ironically, approximately 7 years to the date of My Promise I opened the doors to Inspirational Life where we inspire others to discover their own heart’s wants, desires and dreams.

We, the Inspirational Life family have now inspired countless lives to take their own personal journey over the last 6 plus years.

I started my journey completely alone listening to my heart but YOU don’t have to listen to your heart alone like I did. Because the My Promise family is waiting to welcome you with open arms with inspiration, motivation and accountability so you can live the life your heart speaks!

Is your heart speaking to you? If so we would love to have you part of the amazing family that is changing America’s health one amazing person at a time!

What is My Promise?

♥ It’s a private Facebook community filled with people exactly like you!

♥ Continuous nutritional and health support!

                ♥ We are a community seeking to live a sugar free life!

♥ Daily, Weekly, 21 day, individual challenges happening all the time!

♥ Micro-Goal Monday’s, without goals we aren’t achieving and ultimately winning!

♥ Winning Friday’s, where we all share our weekly wins! Friday’s are so inspirational!

♥ Uncomfortable Wednesday’s, where we challenge you to get out of your normal routines and habits!

                ♥ Slight Edge Saturday’s, do something that you normally don’t (cut the habit loop) or do opposite of society.

♥ Nutritional habits, food lists, recipes, workout advice and so much more…

“Every Choice you decide to make has an end result”

What is the My Promise family saying….?

♥ For the first time in a very long time, I feel good and feel good about myself. I need those ‘atta girl’s’! I’m proud of myself and love that others are proud of me as well. This group was the biggest help for me.

I am so glad I did this challenge!!! Sleep better, think more clearly, my fruits and veggies taste amazing, and I learned when I am tempted by sugar cravings I can drink water or just wait it out and in a few minutes the craving passes. Sounds so simple, but I gave in so quickly in the past I never realized how quickly the urge would pass! Thanks Brian and Cathie!

♥ My win- I was able to finally break free bad eating habits -I could not have done this without this amazing supportive group. I feel full of energy and will continue to follow my new healthy life

♥ My wins: more energy, better focus, no bloating, and more confident! Should offer this challenge more often.

♥ #1 is knowledge. I had NO idea how much sugar was in things. I knew certain things had sugar but to compare two items and see one had 2 grams of sugar and one 35g was eye opening!!

♥ Feel totally motivated and definitely got the kick start I needed to get back on track and lose my baby weight! LOVE this challenge and plan on continuing it past the 21 days!

I feel like a winner!

♥ I love that the challenge got my head on straight – Just at a time where my shorts were getting tight, my bras were a bit snug and I lost my hip bones lol!

♥ I learned that if I want to achieve my goal I have to realize that I cannot eat like most people in society do and that realization is a good one!..