March Madness No Sugar Challenge!

Weigh-ins will be Thursday 3/5 and Friday 3/6 when you attend classes.  We will hand out the No Sugar food list at the time of weigh-ins so everyone can get started immediately.
We thought it would be fun to do a challenge in conjunction with basketball’s March Madness.  You would be put in a bracket against another opponent each week.  The winner moves on to next round and loser moves into the other side of bracket to battle back for a third and fourth place finish.
The winners will be determined by a week long face off of earning points as follows:
* Earn 1 point for attending boot camp at least 2 days each week.  Each week will run Monday – Saturday.
* Earn 1 point for handing in food journal (can be screen shot from app or paper).  The food journal must be either handed in or emailed by each Friday at 6:30pm to earn the point for the week.  There will be NO late acceptances.
* Earn 1 point for body weight loss percentage each week.  There will be .5 points given … for example if your body weight loss percentage for the week is 0.6%, you will earn .5 point for the week.  If your body weight loss percentage for the week is 1.6%, you will earn 1.5 points for the week.  Everyone must weigh-in by Fridays at 6:30pm to earn points for the week. Participants just weigh in the last day they are attending class for the week.  There will be NO walk-in weigh-ins and NO late acceptances.
Depending on the amount of participants the challenge would last either five or six weeks. The cost for our Inspire family would be $50 (cash or check) and members receive one extra workout day each week to the current membership.
The entry fee for non-members is $125 (cash or check).  Non-members will receive 3 workouts per week and pick their boot camp classes at the time of registration. 
Even if you are eliminated in week 3, 4 or subsequent week, members still receive their extra workout day and non-members still attend for the entirety of the challenge.
Prizes are as follows:
1st place winner – $250
2nd place winner – $200
3rd place winner – $150
4th place winner – $100
We will hang up the brackets in the gym for all to see!