21 Day NO Sugar Challenge


There are two ways to participate:

  • Online only through our closed Facebook community if you do not live in the area
  • Online through our closed Facebook community PLUS attend classes at our facility


Drop off your registration form and cash/check

before or after our class times





The 21 Day NO Sugar Challenge runs

December 4th – December 23rd


The Challenge will include:

  • Daily mindset, nutritional and accountability emails
  • Sugar free grocery list
  • Recipe ideas
  • Access to closed Facebook page to help you through the 21 Days
  • Members receive 1 additional workout per week to their current membership
  • Non-members receive 3 classes per week


Entry fee is $99 for non-members


 Entry fee is $11 for members


Entry fee is $29 to enter our ONLINE ONLY challenge for $29 if you do not live in the area.


Non-members are limited to 3 classes per week of your CHOICE. You will need to reserve your fitness boot camp classes at the time of registration.  If you wish to take any of our other classes, then you will need to login and reserve your spot for TRX, Spin, Yoga or Spin-X every week. 


  Rules and Regulations:

  • All non-member contestants must complete a registration, medical and liability form.
  • This is an individual challenge.
  • Any person with a valid punch card is considered a member for the contest. His/her punch card will still be punched each day they attend a class.
  • No refunds will be issued after registration fee is paid.
  • Registrations are now open.
  • Non-members can begin attending fitness boot camp class on September 9th (the official start date of the contest).  If you have never attended a class at Inspirational Life you are welcome to start your free week of fitness boot camp classes the week before the contest begins.
  • Non-members are limited to 3 classes per week of your choice and must choose the fitness boot camp classes at the time of registration.
  • All workouts must be used by September 29th.  There are no carryovers after the contest.
  • Prior members who did not fulfill membership contracts are not permitted to enter the contest.
  • Thursday 5:30am TRX is closed to non-members in the contest as the as it is to capacity.
  • Gift cards may not be used toward contest entry fee.